Connecting World's Biggest Brands

Connecting World's Biggest Brands

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Hire Talent

Contract Services

Independent professionals play a valuable role in today’s economy. Whether it’s strategic planning, creative inspiration, or flawless execution; MAQ Consulting offers the precise consulting you need, when you need it, for short and long term contract staffing needs.

Direct Hire Services

MAQ Consulting identifies and delivers the right candidates for your direct placement needs. We are connecting and screening candidates every day and have an extraordinary network that enables us to make optimal matches. We have a superior source of candidates. Whether you require assistance with one position or many, MAQ Consulting has the capacity and expertise to deliver quality candidates.

Project Work

If you have a project that is more deliverable based, let us help. Just tell us what you need to have done and we’ll find the talent, take care of the project management and be responsible for the end result. We’ll bring our expert knowledge and integrity to the table, provide a smooth experience and deliver a top notch product.

When to use Contract Services

  • Coverage for vacations, maternity/paternity leaves, or other leaves of absence
  • Support during hiring freezes
  • Immediate need for staff without the lead time needed for direct hires
  • Specialized talent to enhance your team’s capabilities
  • Peaks in workload or unexpected new projects
  • Reduction of overtime costs for time-sensitive projects
  • Elimination of employer liabilities including benefits, insurance, and taxes

Talent Inquiries

Send an e-mail to
MSJobs at MAQConsulting dot com

To help you get a faster response from us for your open position request, include the following in your e-mail:
(1) an outline of the project, (2) specific skills needed, and (3) timeline for completion (duration)

Our Expertise

  • Marketing Communications
  • Product Marketing
  • Partner Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Technical Writing/Editing
  • Programming Writing
  • Content Producing
  • Copy Editing
  • UX/UI Design/Visual Design
  • Flash Design and Production
  • Visual Design
  • 3D Modeling/Texturing/Animating
  • Web Production

Find Work

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MAQ Consulting offers one of the best benefits packages in the staffing industry. We invite you to compare the benefits plan below to other staffing firms in the Pacific Northwest. In our survey, we did not find any other company that offered comparable benefits. To help you compare benefits as you look to select your next employer, consider the following:


Healthcare benefits are one of the most important parts of your benefits package. Many other staffing firms offer multiple medical plans starting with a very limited plan. You, as an employee, then have to pay extra money every month to enroll into a medical insurance plan with decent benefits. We pay your insurance premiums in full for a comprehensive medical, dental and vision plan. Unlike other staffing firms, we do not ask you to pay to enroll in our comprehensive health insurance plans.

We pay 100% of our employees' comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance premiums. You may add dependents to your health insurance policy by paying additional insurance premiums on pre-tax basis.

401(k) Plan

Most employers in the staffing industry offer a 401(k) retirement plan. Not all 401(k) plans are created equal. In our 401(k) retirement plan, the company matches 50% of employee contributions up to 6% of your gross wages. Unlike any other company in the staffing industry that we know of, our company contributions vest immediately. In addition, we offer 29 low-cost funds to choose from for your 401(k) investments. Once your assignment ends, you can rollover the 401(k) plan funds to a new employer or convert to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Our 401(k) retirement plan includes access to low-cost Vanguard funds, with up to 3% company match and immediate vesting. Joining eligibility begins on the first of the month following one month of employment.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

As a full-time employee, you receive paid time off every month you work with us. Many other staffing firms offer limited or no paid time off. Some employers try to limit your use or payment for PTO. Employer policies vary, so ask before you choose a staffing firm to represent you.

Accrued paid time off (up to 15 PTO days per year), can be used for any reason including holidays, personal days, vacation, or sick days.

Career Services

We specialize in Creative Art and Design, Content Editing, Web Production, Marketing, and Software Development positions. Our recruiters and staffing associates guide you through new, exciting professional opportunities. We provide interview preparation and coaching as well as ongoing career development and training.

Benefits Partners

Medical & Vision Insurance


First Choice Health’s PPO Network is the largest independent PPO in the Pacific Northwest, serving over one million people.
Learn More

Dental Insurance

With our Aetna Dental PPO plan you’ll have access to a large national network of licensed dentists.

Retirement Savings

Human Interest is a full-service 401(k) provider with an investment philosophy centered around diversification, low-cost funds, and a long-term strategy.

Try this calculator to see how increasing your contributions to an employer sponsored 401(k) plan could potentially increase your retirement savings.